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Catherine Helena Dorsette is originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica. She worked as a News Reporter for over 20 years with various newspapers on the island of Dominica to include The New Chronicle, Tropical Star, The Independent and Mirror and The Sun. She also worked with the Montserrat Reporter on Montserrat. Catherine resides on the Emerald Isle of Montserrat with her husband, two adult children and a precious granddaughter. She is the recipient of two Fellowship Awards presented in Taiwan (1995) and in Japan (1997). Catherine is reading for her Bachelor of Science in Social Work with the University of the West Indies. She has published seven (7) books between 2014 and 2016. Her first novel FIRE ON MONTSERRAT is currently in the process of being made into a Feature Film. Fire on Montserrat will be her first feature film, but her company Victory Films Entertainment (VFE) has film two Shorts, namely Dangerous Charade Dangerous Charade and Clash of Cultures Clash of Cultures A devout Christian, Catherine enjoys working with the youth in her community, discussing biblical themes, world events and issues affecting young people.

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Victory Films Entertainment (VFE), Associate Producer Edmund Umoja Herman, Founder and President of Piton International Film Festival (PIFF) are in the process of producing a movie titled FIRE ON MONTSERRAT based on a Novel by Dominican/Montserratian Author Catherine Dorsette. PIFF is also associated with the Houston Annual International Film Festival and the Chicago Annual International Film Festival in the United States of America. Committed to starring in Fire on Montserrat Naja Simeon, Keenan Cassell, Claudia Edwards, Edmond Umoja Herman, Sharon Charles. Fire on Montserrat is a low-budget movie and VFE is seeking to raise US$50,000.00 to produce it.


Fire On Montserrat


Dr. Kyla Tuitt, played by: Claudia Edward;


Dr. Derek Ryan, played by: Naja Simeon;

Naja SimeonNaja stared in "The Knot"

Director - Demetrius Charles, About The Director


Supporting Cast


Sharon Charles as Velda Moorehead;



Keenan Cassell as Jordan Moorehead

Keenan CassellA short film entitled Girlfriend? Half Filmed,Written,Directed and Produced by Keenan Cassell See Keenan in "Girlfriend


Maria Tuitt, played by Ketruah Charles



Jerry, played by Basil Chambers



Catherine Dorsette


Bazil Morgan, Playing Denzil 'Pinney' Ryan


Elizabeth Piper-Wade


Shirley Spycalla


Kenroy Hyman, Detective Rupert




Shanarina Hyman,Candice

Shanarina Hyman

KJennifer Winspeare

KJennifer Winspeare

Rowland (Magic Rowland) Williams, Director of Photograohy (DOP)

film director Rowland did the cinematography for the award winning "MUDA" which was nominated for best picture and which Jacinth Sutphin won Best Actress. Muda (trailer)


Donation Apreciation:


 For a donation of $300.00 A walk-through role. (walk-through is a little more than an Extra…. The person gets full face sighting while doing an action eg. Pointing at something in the movie)

 For a donation of $500.00 A walk-through role with a speaking part. (with a speaking part simply means the person may for example say: “telephone for you” or “Here’s your drink”.…just a few seconds)

 For a donation of $1000.00 A walk-through role dialoguing with the Star! (dialoguing with the Star simply means for example: walk-through: “How do you like Montserrat?” and the Star responds: “It is lovely, I love it!” walk-through: “I am glad” waves and walks away)

fire on Montserrat film  Ticket to the Creole Song Festival in Dominica (including a Season Pass).

 Ticket to Jazz Festival in St. Lucia


 Fire on Montserrat T-Shirt  Fire on Montserrat Mug

 Fire on Montserrat Mouse Pad

 One 1gb Flash Drive with Fire on Montserrat Trailer

We are grateful for all donations. Every donation over $20.00 will recieve a token of our appreciation. Donations over $25 will get a chance to attend the World Creole Music Festival in Dominica or the Jazz Festival in St. Lucia. This will include airfare, hotel and event tickets.


Victory Films Entertainment (VFE) is a duly registered film company on Montserrat. It was born out of a need to create local/Caribbean movies utilizing local and Caribbean talent. Victory Films Entertainment is dedicated to producing wholesome, educational, and inspirational family movies. To date, without proper equipment or crew, VFE has been able to produce two short films, namely: Dangerous Charade (29mins) and Clash of Cultures (37mins).

Dangerous Charade:

Dangerous Charade is based on a short story from the book ‘Anthology of Weekly Writing Prompts’ and features an elderly woman Anna, who is being ill-treated at Sunny Villa – Home for the Aged. Anna’s teenage granddaughter Amanda, faces many indecisions since the Matron seems to be quite a pleasant woman. To satisfy herself as to whether or not her grandmother really is being abused, she convinces her best friend Nadia, that they should disguise themselves as old women and get admitted into Sunny Villa. How this short movie ends is a must-see!

Clash of Cultures:

Clash of Cultures captures the misunderstandings which can arise based on people’s background, geographical locational, traditions and beliefs. Mr. Glendon is a wealthy Montserratian who has had children with women from various Caribbean islands. He also has a daughter from Portugal and his first son is from Nigeria.

Chukudi is haughty and looks at women with disdain. In Nigeria, the first son of any man automatically inherits his father’s wealth, no Will is necessary. Thus, Chukudi travels to Montserrat for the sole purpose of inheriting his father’s vast fortune. But his troubles have only just begun. He plagued by terrible nightmares, and his half-sister Doreen is the bane of his life! She refuses to hand over her father’s company because she has been managing it for the longest while. She treats him like a pesky stranger who is constantly meddling in her affairs.

Tempers flare, threats are made, and the content of the Will causes major concern to everyone. In the midst of all of this confusion and dread, the truth about Mr. Glendon’s death is exposed! You have to see this movie to believe it! Both shorts were premiered on Montserrat in January and shown again in March of 2017.

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Reader Reviews

  • Catherine… it’s a fight to focus on my own work and stay away from that book of yours! Lol. You are a great Story-teller. Your writing, structurally, is extremely sound. Very autobiographical of course. I’m at a cliff-hanging point where Kyla and Derek are in Barbados …. This would make a riveting LIFETIME movie! You are a wonderful Writer! I have found a new respect for you as a Christian woman. You are a woman who have fought with your inner conflict between the truth of life and the expectations of holding to “God”. Your book is MORE than a novel. It is a testimony! Respects.

    Ann Laflair (Teacher)
  • Dear Catherine, I absolutely love this book FIRE ON MONTSERRAT! Your writing is smooth. You handle your flashbacks expertly. I would have preferred an indented typesetting instead of the block form, however. The type size should have been larger, and the chapters should ALL have started on a left sided, odd-numbered page. All of this however, are typesetting things and in NO WAY takes away from the riveting story you tell. I feel this book should be submitted to one of the really big publishers. I see FIRE ON MONTSERRAT taking off in Europe and even here in the USA. I particularly loved the scene when Kyla was in the bathroom and stepped out and saw Derek. Beautifully written! You were able to generate that sensuality with such sweet economy. You are good!! I will assist you wherever I can to ensure that FIRE ON MONTSERRAT reaches as far as it can and then some!

    Harold Bascom (Playwright/Author & Painter)

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